Japan Legal Update

Since December 1st, 2016, GINETEX care labelling symbols can be used on textile product labels in Japan. But what are the consequences for garment producers in relation to the planned changes in the care labelling system in Japan scheduled for 1st of December 2016?
  • Textile articles showing exclusively the care label symbols according to ISO 3758 can be used on the Japanese market only after 1st of December.
  • Textile articles showing exclusively the “old” care labels, being manufactured before 1st of December can still be sold on the Japanese market.
  • Textile articles showing exclusively the “old” care label, being manufactured after 1st of December may not be placed on the Japanese market.
As a reminder, Kaken has been selected by GINETEX as national member in Japan in charge of the promotion and the coordination of the use of its textile care labelling symbols under ISO standard system.

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