IAF 32nd World Fashion Convention

The IAF 32nd World Fashion Convention took place at the end of September this year in Mumbai, India. More than 250 attendees (industry and association representatives) from 20 countries were attending the convention. CMAI was the co-host of this event this year. As IAF is a worldwide network platform for apparel industry, GINETEX met with different major national entities from Turkey, Bangladesh, India, South Africa, Iran, etc … After the IAF General Assembly this year, the IAF Executive committee and board have elected their new President, Mr Han BEKKE from Modint who succeeds to Rahul Mehta from CMAI. Next year, the IAF World Fashion Convention will be hosted by ABIT, textile and garment industry association, our GINETEX Brazilian National Member. It will take place in Rio de Janeiro from October 16 –18, 2017. Apart from a beautiful location, Brazil has one of the largest apparel and textile manufacturing industries in the world.

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