Textile care labelling – easy to understand and simple to use

Using a simple and standardised system of care symbols that does not rely on language, textile care labels provide users with information on the correct way to care for their textiles

Correct care labels are in everyone's interest

Care labels include information on the maximum tolerable treatment as well as the proper care of the textiles to which they are attached.

textile cleaning establishments) that care for the particular product. Caring for the item in accordance with the information on the label ensures that the textile product will not be damaged. However, it does not guarantee that every bit of dirt and every stain will also be effectively removed.

For the sake of clarity, the complete sequence of symbols must be included on labels without exception. Since 2006, it has been necessary to use the following order:

Washing – Bleaching – Drying – Ironing – Professional textile care

The principles of the GINETEX care labelling system

Labels containing instructions regarding the care of textile products are regulated via international agreements within the framework of GINETEX (International Association for Textile Care Labelling).

The GINETEX care labelling system is based on the following principles:

  • Care symbols provide information about the maximum level of treatment an article can withstand without being damaged
  • Care symbols must always be used as a complete set (five symbols) and must appear in the specified order
  • The care label must be easy to understand and its instructions must be straightforward to follow; it must not use any language and must be clear
  • Care symbols must not result in incorrect interpretations
  • Consistently using and attaching care symbols is in the interest of users and sales personnel
  • Standardised care labels are to correspond with consumer habits
  • Appliances used to care for textiles should guarantee the optimal execution of the type of care recommended
  • Care symbols are globally standardised (ISO 3758, CEN 23758) and are registered trademarks (i.a. WIPO no. 849.319)

GINETEX Switzerland helps you to implement the care label system in the correct way

Several simple principles must be observed when implementing the system. GINETEX will be happy to help you with this.

Providing labels despite it not being compulsory to do so

The most important step is providing your products with care labels in the first place, as in Switzerland – unlike various EU countries, for example – this is not a legal requirement. Nowadays however, it is a common courtesy. By providing labels, you increase the level of confidence consumers have in your products and ultimately the level of trust in your brand.

Correctly using the symbols

Use the internationally standardised symbols from GINETEX only. You can obtain symbols from us in different file formats. Choose the right care symbols in line with the maximum type of treatment intended for the respective item from the wide range of symbols available. When arranging symbols on the care label, please note that the standardised sequence must be followed:

  1. Washing
  2. Bleaching
  3. Drying
  4. Ironing
  5. Professional textile care

Licensing the symbols

Care symbols require a licence in each instance, regardless of the party from which they were obtained. GINETEX offers a staggered license model, which also enables smaller brands to obtain a license with a suitable tariff.

Go ahead and get in touch with us today. We are always happy to help and can calculate the costs of your license. By purchasing a license, you not only protect yourself from legal consequences but you also strengthen your sector and support our work in the service of the textile industry, which GINETEX has made available to the sector for almost 50 years now. GINETEX is a non-profit organisation.