Advantages of licensing

When you acquire a license, you will receive additional tools and simplified access to the entire market.

An investment in the future

There are many advantages to obtaining a license:

  • The license contract gives the license holder the right to use the trademark-protected symbols
  • The “GINETEX guidelines” provided upon conclusion of the contract cover the principles of the care and raw material labelling system. These guidelines are designed to be a tool and reference guide and ensure that the relevant information is correctly designated
  • Complying with the Swiss guidelines for textile labels also simplifies and facilitates procurement on the global market as well as cross-border trade
  • Contractual partners benefit from the extensive experience and expertise of GINETEX Switzerland as well as the connected international network when posing questions with regard to the textile labelling system
  • License holders are informed of revisions or updates in the field of raw material and care labels and are made aware of any changes on a continuous basis
  • The party responsible for the last processing stage for a particular textile product is also responsible for labelling the product. The respective party is familiar with all of the component parts that have been processed and can base the information to be included on the label on the most fragile component. This ensures that the respective textile item does not undergo any irreversible damage when it is cared for by the end user
  • Complying with the respective label provisions ensures that the care label is easy to read and can withstand washing and cleaning processes for the entire life of the textile article