Obtaining a license for the care labelling system

GINETEX Switzerland offers a staggered licensing model.

To use the care symbols, please contact GINETEX Switzerland

The form of contract and the fees that must be paid depend on sales figures, the size of the company, the nature in which the symbols will be used as well as other criteria.

The GINETEX Switzerland office will be happy to inform you of the various options.

As soon as a decision has been made regarding which form of contract is possible, the corresponding contract will be sent to you.

Once the contract has been signed, contractual partners receive the technical guidelines for the care labelling system, the Swiss guidelines for raw material labels and all care symbol variants as jpg and eps files together with the care symbol font and keyboard instructions. The guidelines cover the principles of the care and raw material labelling system and can be used as a tool and reference guide. In addition, GINETEX informs license holders of any updates or changes regarding the labelling system on an ongoing basis.

If the symbols are already being used without a licence, we kindly request the respective party to contact us – doing so will protect the party from any legal consequences.