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Frequently Asked Questions For other information, please contact GINETEX Switzerland

How can the right to use trademark-protected symbols be obtained?

In order to be able to use the symbols, a license contract with a national organisation is required; in Switzerland, this is GINETEX Switzerland. The branch office will always be happy to provide you with detailed information.

Is a contract required in every GINETEX country?

No – a contract with GINETEX Switzerland or another national organisation guarantees the right to use the trademark-protected care symbols for the entire GINETEX area.

Is it possible to bypass trademark protection by changing the symbols slightly and thereby use the symbols without a contract?

No – even similar or slightly different symbols are protected by trademark.

What happens if the symbols are used without a contract?

Companies are not permitted to use the symbols without a contract. In such cases, a warning will be given and a license contract must be concluded. If the warning is disregarded and the respective party continues to use the symbols without a contract then there will be legal consequences.

What are the legal principles regarding textile labelling?

In Switzerland, there are no legal regulations regarding labels. However, consumers are eager for labels to be made mandatory. Furthermore, providing items with labels is a service that should be provided as a matter of course.

Who is responsible for correct labelling?

The party responsible for the last processing stage for a particular textile product is also responsible for labelling the product. In most cases, this is the manufacturer as it is only the manufacturer that has all of the information regarding the component parts that have been processed. The most fragile component (e.g. appliqué, sequins, embroidery etc.) is the decisive factor with regard to designating the care instructions for the item in its entirety. The maximum treatment that an article can withstand without being irreversibly damaged is designated on the label.

Where can the information regarding correct labelling be found?

Upon signing the contract, each license holder is provided with a copy of the GINETEX guidelines. These guidelines set out the technical principles for care and raw material labelling and stipulate how labelling is to be effected. The GINETEX Switzerland branch office will also be happy to help in the event of any labelling issues

Which regulations are binding – those specified by GINETEX or the ISO standard?

The GINETEX regulations are definitive; the association introduced the internationally standardised care labelling system in the 1960s. The system is also adjusted in line with technical and ecological requirements on an ongoing basis. In 1990, GINETEX permitted ISO to use the trademark-protected symbols in a standard.