Licensing care labels – everything you need to know

Any company that uses the care symbols in any form need to have a license for this.

An international standard depends on everyone working together.

The care symbols are globally standardised and are registered trademarks in the states that have signed the Madrid Agreement as well as many other countries.

A common standard will make it easier to use labels within the textile industry – and will thereby also benefit consumers. Standardised labels foster efficiency and prevent information from being misunderstood. License holders also benefit from tools and simplified market access. GINETEX Switzerland makes the care symbols available in a variety of file formats and also provides other informational material.

Rights and obligations when using care symbols

The objective of the licensing system is to ensure that the symbols always come from the same source and are not falsified or altered. In particular, parties that have recently obtained a license should thoroughly acquaint themselves with the respective conditions.

Companies that have operated on the market for a long time already and use the symbols without a valid license agreement should also observe the provisions. This is necessary due to the fact that the care symbols are registered trademarks at a national and international level in most countries. Breaching the provisions may result in legal action being taken.

Signing the contract also gives companies the option to sell textile items throughout Europe without any other restrictions. Membership with GINETEX Switzerland covers sales in other countries.

The care symbols are recorded as trademarks and may not be used without a valid license agreement with GINETEX Switzerland. Trademark protection applies to any items launched, produced and distributed in Switzerland as well as any items sold to end users. Use of the symbols for advertising and training purposes and reproduction in printed material, correspondence and on websites is also covered.

Obtaining a license

GINETEX Switzerland offers a simple, staggered licensing model that also enables smaller brands and companies to correctly implement the care labelling system in an easy and pragmatic way. The licensing process is easy and efficient. Additional label fees to be paid depend on the sales figures of individual companies.

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