GINETEX goes future

Download with one click: care symbol App and QR-code generator

Program the QR-Code yourself for care labelling, fibre composition and country of origin.

Scan the QR-Code with your smartphone and download the App free of charge.
Or brand the App with your logo.

Personalise the care symbol app with your company logo / corporate design. We will provide you with a QR-Codewhich you can print on flyers or use on the internet. When the QR-Code is scanned the app, with your company branding, is automatically installed.

Using a Java powered QR-Code-Generator, the app allows you to easily produce QR-Codes for labelling of your products. The GINETEX app develops a QRCode detailing information on the care label ( including clevercare ), the fibre composition and information on the country of origin.


The consumer scans the QR-Code, the software decodes the information ( and if present the fibre composition and country of origin information ) for this particular textile product.

Instructions you find in the manual to be downloaded.