Information requirements for goods containing biocidal products in Switzerland

Do you sell products with claims such as low-odour sports jumpers or antimicrobial kitchen boards? In the Federal Ordinance 813.12, you will find information on the legal requirements for goods treated with biocidal products. This will enable you to request the relevant information you need from your suppliers so that you can correctly inform your customers about goods treated with biocidal products.

The Biocidal Products Ordinance 813.12 has regulated the placing on the market of goods treated with biocidal products since 15 July 2014. The ordinance contains the various provisions for treated goods as well as the regulations for persons selling such goods.

Textiles can contain biocidal products that have the aim of restricting the activity of microorganisms or insects, for example to inhibit odours. The Biocidal Products Ordinance (Art. 31a OBP, SR 813.12) of 18 May 2005, equivalent to the European Regulation (EU) 528/2012 (BPR), requires that appropriately treated goods be labelled accordingly. The labelling must be in the official languages of the places where the product is placed on the market.

The marking must also be clearly visible, easily legible and sufficiently durable. The marking can be placed on the packaging, the instructions for use or the guarantee certificate if there is a lack of space. The lack of space does not apply to most textiles. With regard to durability, affixing on the hangtag (alone) is therefore only compliant for products where no label can be affixed (e.g. socks).

The replacement of the marking by a QR code with a link to an information page is not accepted in practice by the enforcement authorities for the time being. There is nothing to be said against it as additional information.